Estimate Sheet Templates

Estimate Sheet Templates as the Estimation for the Future Success

Many businesses or industries employ job estimates to give stakeholders and customers the detail of their project or job costs. Utilizing estimate sheet templates reduces the time, energy, and money spent on making their job estimate.

The estimation is presented through an estimate sheet which contains the estimated costs of the project, timeline of the project, terms and condition of the project, and payment plan.


Basic Construction of an Estimate Sheet

Before choosing any estimate sheet templates to guide you, it is better to know the fundamental aspects that have to be appeared in a good estimation sheet to make sure that you work in the best quality to maintain the success of your company or business.

  1. Details of contact

Put your business contact details on the estimation sheet. Make sure that the template you choose has a feature to facilitate you in this crucial requirement. Enclose the company’s letterhead if available to make it more effective.


  1. Business logo

Attach your company logo on the top of the sheet. It is important to make an emphasis on the sheet’s consistency, also make it looks official to convince the stakeholders and customers.


  1. Products and services

Make sure the template you choose provides enough columns to divide the products and services your company got into quantity, description, unit price, and total price.


  1. Validity

Explain the project validity in detail. Put the schedule to inform the period and to let the customers and stakeholders know the time limit to do negotiations and to accept the service agreements.


How to Create a Good Estimate Sheet?

After knowing the basic elements of a good estimate sheet, now you are ready to create one. Even though it is an estimation sheet, remember to evaluate the customers and stakeholders your company got.


Know them well and know what kind of job they want your company to do, then grab your estimate sheet templates and follow these easy moves!

  1. Make a job review

As mentioned above, you need to evaluate the customers instead of just making estimates or expectations. To evaluate the job, deal with the customer’s worksite or home.


  1. Figure out the working time

Estimate how long the job will be done to fix the price for the customers.


  1. Identify the tools

Estimate the tools you will need in accomplishing the project and the cost that should be spent for them.


  1. Know the competitors

It is always important to take a look at the ‘battlefield’. Prepare your estimate to compete with the other similar business and make it real by checking the real market.


Tips to Help You in Making an Estimate Sheet

Feels good after finishing your estimate? You should take a good look at these following tips to maximize the estimate sheet templates you have!

  • Break down the tasks and make them as detailed as possible
  • Be professional by providing a simple and flexible estimate sheet, make an on-time report, and present a clear discussion.
  • Be on time on delivering the estimate sheet to the customers and stakeholders. Remember that there are many competitors out there who are also trying to gain as many customers as possible.


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