Evaluation Sheet Template

Utilize Evaluation Sheet Template for Scoring Performance Effectively

The evaluation held by the authorities should be standardized and contains such constructive feedback to support the growth and development of the objects. Therefore, an evaluation sheet template can be utilized to keep it in the standard.

An evaluation sheet is needed to measure the performance of employees in the workplace, including their productivity and their ability to achieve the goals. In another way, an academic environment, it can be used to evaluate the students’ learning performance and learning results.


Types of Evaluation Sheets

In general, there are two kinds of evaluation sheets. The first one is the common evaluation sheet that has to be filled by the authorities (for example supervisors for employee evaluation and teachers for student evaluation)

The second type of evaluation sheet is self-evaluation where the object of evaluation scores their performance as one consideration for the authorities. The standardized evaluation sheet template for these two types is available two help you out.


Features of an Evaluation Sheet

The information that may be earned in an evaluation sheet is about the individual or group’s attendance, cooperation (in school, college, or workplace), dependability, interactions, also ethical judgment and motivation. Commonly the sheet employs a quantitative scoring system to calculate the total score and gives the evaluation result of the participant.


Creating an Evaluation Sheet

To ensure the performance and the responsibility of an individual or group in a specific period, get an evaluation sheet template to keep everything in the standard than do the following steps to create an effective evaluation sheet.

  • Define the kind of evaluation you will hold.
  • Know the object of your evaluation well to help in making a good evaluation sheet that suits to the evaluation participants.
  • Give adequate information of the evaluation on the top of the document. The information covers the evaluation terms, purpose, directions, and the scope.
  • Make a list of processes or aspects that need to be evaluated as detail as possible since it gives a big impact on the accuracy of the process.
  • Set the criteria or measurements of the assessment to define the evaluation result clearly.
  • Arrange the questions or other things to be included in the evaluation sheet. Utilize the template you have to guide you in making it.


Tips for an Effective Evaluation Sheet

Incorporate these helpful tips to get more benefits from your evaluation sheet template!

  1. To assure the evaluation sheet format is applicable for the evaluation you are about to hold, spare different kinds of sheet format for example PDF, Excel, or Word.
  2. Always make sure that the evaluation is fact-based. Employing both types of evaluation sheets will help to provide a wider range to score the result. For example, besides giving a self-evaluation to the employee (in which the employees may honestly rate their working quality and responsibility, the supervisors also need to check the record of employees’ attendance and performance through the log sheet).
  3. Make a clear evaluation sheet direction to avoid misunderstandings and make the participant easier to follow the evaluation.
  4. Keep the evaluation format based on the directions and maintain the evaluation in the standard.