Excel Spreadsheet Template

Excel Spreadsheet Template and the Examples

You are surely familiar with Excel and often use it every day. This software changes many things, such as business and education. You can create a template for a certain purpose. After that, complete the Excel spreadsheet with contents and items. Therefore, the file is ready and your job is done.


Details of Excel Spreadsheet

Excel is a versatile software for any purpose in various fields. If you have Excel full version, there are many things you can do. Microsoft provides business and enterprise version that’s capable to handle vast data and complex procession.

  1. Business and financial

When discussing the Excel spreadsheet template, the first thing that comes out in mind is business and financial. Accounting uses excel to record transactions, purchase, selling, loss and profit, cash flow, and anything. Major companies have their system for financial platforms, but Excel is still one of the top choices. Furthermore, Excel is capable to transform into different platforms easily.


  1. Plan and schedule

You can use a spreadsheet for creating a plan and schedules. Anything involves table, row, and column will be excel as the answer. You create a schedule for work, personal, daily, and monthly. The template for such a schedule is mostly in Excel file type.


  1. Education

Education uses excel for calculation, statistic, graph, even small task. You collect data and put into excel. This software can do simple analysis as long as you know formula and feature. Furthermore, advanced users are skilled enough for complex calculation ad coding.


Examples of Excel Spreadsheet

You need to excel spreadsheet template. One question that should be answered is the type of template. With vast implementation, it is quite difficult to find the right one. You may create on your own but it may take time until it turns into the perfect template. Check the next list for options you should consider.

  • Blank excel spreadsheet
  • Personal spreadsheet
  • Daily and weekly task spreadsheet
  • Bill excel spreadsheet
  • Payment excel spreadsheet
  • Debt excel spreadsheet
  • Inventory spreadsheet
  • Warehouse management spreadsheet
  • Training spreadsheet
  • Work attendance spreadsheet
  • Student attendance spreadsheet
  • Profit and loss spreadsheet
  • Budget excel spreadsheet
  • Business plan spreadsheet
  • Project spreadsheet

The above list is just small portions you find as a template. Some of them are for a specific purpose, such as school, study, budget, project, daily, weekly, monthly, sales, payment, debt, and taxes. Make sure you choose the right one for completing the task and job.

Things Related to Excel Spreadsheet

The blank template does not mean there is completely no items or layout at all. You should know the difference between blank templates and blank files. The template still has sections, such as number, name, and any labels. On the other hand, you do not see much section because blank is mostly for basic needs. 

Templates are available as free and paid versions. Each has pros and cons depending on what you decide to obtain. The free template is capable to fulfill many things. Before downloading, you should check if the template is what you want. The best Excel spreadsheet is not the most complex and advanced one. On the contrary, the file can help your jobs and solve the problem effectively.