Fact Sheet Sample Template

The Fact Sheet Sample and Template

The fact sheet is a type of document or file that contains important and concise information. For example, you may visit the old buildings and receive sheets. It that sheet, you can read brief facts related to building, such as history, important data, people, and event. Another example is a company profile that has a fact sheet. From this part, you know some important aspects of the company. To make this kind of document, you should utilize fact sheet samples for reference.


Understanding the Fact Sheet

The fact sheet also extends to other fields. Company and corporate makes this sheet for proposal and report. During the meeting, some people do not have time to do comprehensive reading. You can enlist the key points that people should know. This is where you implement the fact sheet sample.

  1. Simple and concise

This sheet has to be simple and concise. Simple is necessary because people can read for less than five minutes. A common example is usually for technical books or textbooks for academics. You have a hundred pages with complicated subjects. The reader can go to a conclusion or just reading point by point. For business, the financial fact sheet summarizes whole operation and accounting.


  1. Light reading but important

The fact sheet may be only one or two pages. However, you can grasp the entire content quickly. Light reading is the main reason why you prepare a fact sheet. Content is easy to understand and important enough for the reader. If books have tons of content, you choose the most important one at all.


Templates for Fact Sheet

The next section gives some examples of the fact sheets. Keep in mind the fact sheet sample is for reference. You can choose a template that can fulfill your needs. Explore the below list for more comprehensive choices.

  • Company fact sheet
  • Product fact sheet
  • Building fact sheet
  • Event fact sheet
  • Biography fact sheet
  • Financial fact sheet
  • Education fact sheet
  • Movie fact sheet
  • Book fact sheet

From the above list, you see this sheet depends on the field or topic you create. The company can have a fact sheet as part of the company profile. For sales and marketing, the fact sheet helps customer knows more about the product. Therefore, you can prepare the product fact sheet.

As mentioned above, building and event can have a fact sheet. The building will give information about the date, people, history, event, or anything involved in building in the past. For the event, you can have information about the venue, date, host, guest, topic, and any interesting session. The rest of the template is more than enough for sample and reference.


More Details on Fact Sheet Template

The template has several benefits. You just follow what has been written as a guideline and complete form. Benefits for having templates for fact sheet will be explained at the below list.

  1. Ready outline

The template is ready to outline, which you do not have to worry about layout and form. After downloading the template, you just add content and change a few things. It makes preparing a fact sheet more efficient.


  1. Focus on content

The next benefit is you can focus on content. Some people spend time preparing what should be on the fact sheet. From the fact sheet sample, you know what should be written. You just follow the outline and add the content.