Fact Sheet Templates

Fact Sheet Templates and Some Examples

You may be in a meeting and read the business proposal. The document has a hundred pages and you do not have time to understand the entire content. To shorten your way, the fact sheet should be prepared and presented. The business plan has a neat and brief page that only necessary information is written. Such a page is common from fact sheet templates.


The Fact Sheet for Document

The fact sheet has some aspects that you should know. With tons of contents in the document, you must pick the most important part. This is a tough task and decision. As a solution, you can rely on fact sheet templates. The things that should be in the fact sheet are listed on the next list.

  1. Name and identification

The fact sheet has a name and identification that indicate this document into a certain topic. For business, this part includes address and contact info.


  1. Product specs

You sell products and specs are necessary to be in fact sheet. You explain what components of your product. For the service industry, specs are replaced by the list of the offer.


  1. Pros and cons

The fact sheet is created to attract customers and readers. For such purpose, you put all the benefits that people obtain when buying a product. In certain situations, the fact sheet also explores disadvantages or drawbacks that expected to occur.


Examples of Fact Sheet

The next section will show some templates you may find for the fact sheet. You just find the best one and download it. Fact sheet templates have various outlines and styles. You should pick the best and most relevant one for your needs.

  • Business fact sheet
  • Company fact sheet
  • Product fact sheet
  • Financial fact sheet
  • Event fact sheet
  • Personal fact sheet
  • Education fact sheet
  • Children fact sheet
  • Student fact sheet


More Details of Templates for Fact Sheet

Fact sheet templates have some properties that you can recognize easily. Check the following list for more exploration.

  1. Simple and neat outline

The fact sheet uses a template with a simple and neat outline. As you know, the reader does not have time reading pages. On the other side, he or she might think your document is less important. This is where you capture attention through fact sheets. With one page, you provide enough important that interest clients and customers.


  1. To the point

The next important thing is you make a fact sheet to be straight to the point. Put aside any unnecessary introduction that consumes many sections. You only add a conclusion or summary of your files.


  1. Fewer words more graph, picture, and numbers

To make the fact sheet more attractive, you get rid of irrelevant words. Replace them with graphs, pictures, photos, and numbers. Use graphs and pictures to represent a certain topic. The number is also useful but keeps it simple with less complex calculations. 

From the list above, you understand what to do when creating a fact sheet. Well, fact sheet templates are the tools that support your task. The key is in your way, whether it is capable to develop into an excellent fact sheet or not. At least, the template will reduce your time and effort significantly.