Fax Cover Sheet Template

Brief Guide to the Fax Machine and Fax Cover Sheet

Although the younger generation may not be familiar with facsimile, it still holds its popularity amongst certain demographics. The machine is made in 1842, but it is not yet a thing of a past considering that there are roughly 17 billion faxes sent every year and there are still 17 million active fax machines in the United State. In this article, we will discuss the fax cover and its details. You will know more about the fax and fax cover sheet by reading the following passage.


What Is Fax and Fax Cover

As we know, the facsimile is a machine that used to send written information inside a document. It is used by the business or organization that is small or older or located in a place that has limited internet service. The fax can ensure that the sent document is secure, unlike electronic mails or online messaging service. It is also able to tell when the information is sent successfully. The document sent via fax can behold against the court, unlike the e-mail. It is impossible to hack a traditional fax machine. These are the reasons why some people still choose to use the fax.

Meanwhile, a fax cover sheet is a form that conceals the actual document substance, to keep it private and confidential. It prevents the document to get into the wrong recipient or get the data leaked. It secures the information and avoids troubles for the sender.


What to Include in the Cover Sheet

For your information, to make sure that the document is getting into the right person, there should be identifying information on the fax cover sheet. That way, the recipient can contact the sender if there is something that needs to be discussed about the fax. The information that has to be included inside the sheet is explained below. Let’s check the points one by one.

  1. The basic information

The sheet has to at least contain the identity of the sender and recipient. If it is business-related, then the company’s name of both parties may be written. The contact numbers of the sender and recipient also have to be included. Input the date and number of pages as well.


  1. The optional information

For the professional document from certain businesses or organizations, then it is possible to include the company’s logo or tagline. The individual’s names of the sender and recipient may be included inside. Other optional information to write is the email address of parties, subject and urgency level of the document, and a short message or description about it.


How to find the Right Cover Sheet

Oftentimes, the business cover sheet is designed to be simple and without any fancy elements. However, there is plenty of fancy fax cover sheet designs available online for private matters, such as birthday cards, Christmas greetings, or an individual’s invitation. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you are getting the right and appropriate type of cover sheet according to your needs.