Fax Template

Fax Template for Sending Proper Document

Fax is the old tech that’s still reliable for sending messages and documents. You can use a fax template if the content is official and fixed, such as resume, financial report, tax report, medical record, business, etc. The template shortens your effort when arranging the contents.


The Fax Technology and Machine

The computer changes many things even fax technology also adjusts to support more features. In the early days, all documents were scanned and sent to the receiver number. You received the fax as printed-paper based on data from the sender. This is the basic principle of fax.

Nowadays, the scanning process is faster and no longer manual. You can use a scanner and computer for preparing fax. After the files are ready, you can send it, and the recipient has two options. The fax is printed directly or still in digital mode. The latter is mostly when the fax machine does not support the latest spec.

You can send many documents with a lot of pages. However, the fax network and the machine will take time to do the processing. Imagine you print a hundred pages at one time. This is where you must have a proper outline for the fax content. In this case, the fax template organizes your file into a neat and brief composition.


Examples of Fax Template

The template is available as two categories. You can use a template for content and cover. Content means the template will be a form that must be completed. On the contrary, fax cover is only a single page for metadata. It contains basic info, such as sender, recipient, and summary of the content.

  1. Blank template

If you still do not know what the best template for your need, the blank one is the right choice. This kind of template is versatile and compatible with any purpose. Of course, you should change a few outlines based on your needs.


  1. Business fax template

Sending fax for business purposes is common. Today, you can send an email for any files and documents. However, certain companies still put fax as the official communication platform. They may have branches in remote areas where internet connection is not available.


  1. Marketing fax template

The old method in marketing is fax. Some companies still send a fax to clients and customers. To attract their attention, the marketing fax template has an attractive design.


  1. Financial report fax template

The financial report is the type of document that only a few people have the authorization to be recipient and reader. Usually, the company has a fixed template for this report as part of the accounting system. On the other hand, you may obtain a template from the third-party source if the existing one cannot fulfill your report.


  1. Academic fax template

Academic institutions still use a fax machine and send the fax document. In that case, schools and colleges should have a fax template.

The template is available from various sources. You do not have to pay anything for this file. Most templates are free. Creators are from professional and experienced people who dedicate their files to others. Therefore, you only need to download and utilize it properly. 

Just edit the template and add your content. For business, make sure you put the logo and address. The fax template makes your fax look elegant and professional.


File File size Downloads
Template Fax Letter 37 KB 47
Template Fax Receipt 80 KB 39
Template Fax Report 156 KB 42
Template Resume Fax 119 KB 45
Template Business Fax 58 KB 38
Template Fax Cover Sheet 191 KB 44
Template Fax Form 376 KB 36