Open House Sign In Sheet Templates

Open House Sign In Sheet Templates Examples for Many Events

Some organizations, such as schools and companies, will hold open house events to introduce themselves to the public. Such events provide opportunities for them to promote their works and superiority within their respective fields. In order to check the attendance to your open house event, there are 9 open house sign in sheet templates that you might find useful for keeping up with the guest count that goes in and outside of your public event.


What is a Sign In Sheet?

It is a sheet that shows who is coming to your open house event. Through this sheet, you will not only get the information about the person’s name. This sign in sheet will also inform you the exact time when the guest comes into the event and leaves it. The sheet helps with organizational process because it is difficult to keep track with such things when there are many people to cater to.


Information That Needs to Present in the Sheet

There is a list of some basic information that needs to be presented in all 9 open house sign in sheet templates options. You need to have column for the guests’ names on the template that you are using. It is also important to provide separate column for the sign in and sign out time so that you can track this important point. Some templates will also ask the guests to leave contact information so that the open house holder can follow up their participations.


Template Samples

  1. Blank Sheet for Student Union Event

It is designed for open house of university club such as student union events. So you will see the column for students’ names and the timestamp for sign in and sign out.

  1. Simple Sign in Sign Out Event

This is one of 9 open house sign in sheet templates that is not designed specifically for an event. You can print it then write down the name of event. It has the basic information needed.

  1. Real Estate Open House Event

It is designed for real estate for potential customers. The company is going to show off the properties within their database. In this template, the prospective customers will usually be asked to leave contact information.

  1. Home Showing Event

This can be held by the homeowner or realtor. In this case since it is done to attract buyer, prospective buyers will usually be requested to leave contact information.

  1. School Open House Event

Such event is held by school to show prospective students about the good things of the school. Thus it has the name of students and parents as well as standard timestamp.

  1. Contractor Open House

It is held by contractor to introduce some projects that they have done in the past. The guests would usually be realtors or even individuals who want to build a house.

  1. Home Visitors Sign In

This might be a neighborly event held by family who just move into certain location. The visitors might be asked to leave their name at the door and fill the timestamp.

  1. Club Open House

Club open house is usually done at school. You will need to prepare columns for students name, sign in date and time, as well as contact information.

  1. Family Event Open House

Some family will hold special events like barbecue and Thanksgiving for public. You can use blank templates among 9 open house sign in sheet templates that have been mentioned.